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Our Missions

Mother Mercy Global missions lnc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization incorporated in Indianapolis, lndiana, USA.

Mother Mercy Global is committed to connect locally and globally with individuals, communities, churches, faith-based organization, educational institutions and mission groups to develop a comprehensive network of support around the globe by offering hope, strength and compassion in form of nutritious meals and also providing other essential needs for empowering the lives and communities of those in need through our daily, weekly, monthly and annually hospitality, educational and diversity empowerment support programs and services.

This is a Mother Mercy relief program and services that unites, educates and feeds the needy, food-insecure families and many others in need.

Our main goal is to connect locally and globally with diverse group of people.

This connection is to empower and uplift the lives of those who are in need no matter what strata but primary school children, orphans, girls, widows, single parents, food insecure families, homeless, ex-convict and anyone who may find themselves in need, while fostering a better understanding among nations and cultures for their mutual benefit.

Our programs empower the capabilities within people to reimagine and create an extraordinary lifestyle-even with critical problems like poverty, lack of education, lack of advocacy and lack of healthcare. We are uplifting the needy by providing essentials such as nutritious food, hygiene products, cultural education and social forums to foster new relationships and friendships with other ethnic peers.

Through this contacts, prayerfully, they learn about each other’s unique cultures and navigating xenophobic barriers by advocating and taking steps towards solving challenges for a better tomorrow.

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